Dead to Sights

Project Description

A stealth game... about being seen!


Dead to Sights is a stealth game without walls, cover, or a traditional way to hide. Help Cookie, a damaged teddy bear, escape from the toy factory by hiding in plain sight. Enemies can only see Cookie when he is walking. Use stealth, disguise, and the environment to navigate through the level without falling into pits or being detected. The game was developed for the Game Maker's Toolkit Game Jam in 2018.


Since the game jam prompt was to make a game in a genre without the central mechanic associated with that genre (as an example, a shooter with no guns), we wanted to explore different ways we can hide in a stealth game. We immediately settled on the mechanic of a toy 'freezing' to seem like a regular toy and go undetected.

Skills Developed

  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Unity Class Structure
  • Unity 2D
  • Github Collaboration, Project Management, and Issue Tracking



Developed by Nina Demirjian, Noah Lee, Sean Porio, Carlos-Michael Rodriguez, and Elliot Winch