Games by Carlos-Michael


With my minor in Game Design and access to the NYU Game Center, I have been able to use my programming and design skills to make interesting and creative interactive experiences. My portfolio of games demonstrates my ability to build and design a variety of types of experiences in different programming languages and development environments, including Unity 2D, Unity VR, Javascript, web-based AR and more.

Proc-Gen Firearms

A tech demo for Procedurally Generated Firearms

Space Pirate Shooter

A shooter demo using ProcGen Firearms

Dead to Sights

A stealth game about being seen! Made for the GMTK Game Jam 2018.

Boomerang Shooter

A 2D Unity arcade shooter, made for the Extra Credits Game Jam 2018.

Kirby & the Amazing Burgers

A 2D Javascript cooking game midterm project written in P5.

Space Arrow VR

A Unity 3D VR project where planetary bodies affect the gravity of a shot arrow.

The Kitchen

A 2D Playable Prototype for a Cooking Game built in Unity.

You Up?

A mobile text adventure game currently being developed for iOS.